This congregation started as a group meeting in a nearby home with the Foundation Stone for the first meeting place laid in 1959 followed by the Opening of the present Church in 1967.

Activities include the Monday morning childrens Gumnut Playgroup with Indoor Bowls and Friendship groups in the afternoon. On Tuesday morning there is the Retired Mens Tiffins and on Wednesday afternoon the Choir assembles for rehearsal. The Onward Stroke Group gathers on Thursday mornings. Bible discussion groups meet at varied times and places. Note that some of the above are weekly or monthly.

The Meeting Halls and Kitchen Facilities are available for hire for community and private use and information about hiring is available below.

A Bulletin is distributed each Sunday detailing the above meetings, congregational news and some presbytery information.

Further information about any of the above may be accessed at 02 6281 2750 on Friday between 12-2pm or by the postal address above.